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6 Ways You Can Eliminate or Reduce Bloating

1. Avoid Overeating and Eating Too Fast

Bloating can result from eating too fast or overeating. Try dividing big portions into evenly spaced smaller portions throughout the day and spent more time chewing your food.

2. Avoid Carbonated Drinks and Chewing Gum

Soft drinks and chewing gum increase our intake of gas and air from the external environment. Both can increase gas build-up in our stomachs which can lead to bloating.

3. Avoid Foods That Give You Gas

Fibrous foods are culprits of gas production in the digestive system. Try and record the foods you eat every day and record when you feel bloated. This should highlight a pattern of bloat-inducing foods and help you reduce or eliminate bloating by cutting back on these types of food.

4. Watch the Sugar Alcohols in Your Diet

Limiting the amount of sugar alcohol (i.e., sweeteners) in your diet, like sorbitol, may help you reduce bloating.

While they are considered safe alternatives to sugar, there is evidence that the body has difficulty digesting these sweeteners and can increase gas and bloating.

As well, in people who cannot absorb fructose very well (a natural sugar found in fruits and plants), reducing sorbitol in the diet improves symptoms associated with gas and bloating as well as mood and early signs of depression.

5. Take Probiotic Supplements

Gut bacteria are a major contributor to gas. Supplementing with probiotics can help these gut bacteria metabolize foods better and may even reduce gas and bloating.

6. Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Your gut works hard to breakdown food particles, which can release gases into the stomach and promote bloating. One way you can tackle this head on is by including digestive enzymes into your diet through supplements or foods that increase their activity.

In Summary…

These are only some of the ways you can try and reduce bloating in your life. Try a combination of these tips and see how you manage your digestive health.


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